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Why you need to adopt the latest SEO techniques for more page views, consumers

If you have just established your website online, then you should know that you need a lot more than good content to keep the traffic rolling in. You would need well-designed landing pages, with effective CTAs that engage the user. But more importantly, you would need to co-opt the latest SEO techniques so that your website gets indexed faster by search engines and gets ranked high, as well.

There are a lot of reasons as to why you should pay attention to when it comes to SEO, starting with high incoming traffic, better visibility and all of it translating to better positioning on the SERPS.  Start your journey by following tips, which can be quite handy, especially if you are planning to head down the DIY route.

  • Keyword research: Keyword research still holds a prominent position where SEO is concerned. It is the first thing that most experts would advise you to start. You need to put in the grunt work and determine as to what it is most likely that the target audience would be interested in and what keywords are they possible to use, when searching online for similar products and services. It is precisely the reason that you undertake keyword research as it gives you a good idea of what keywords to target on your website.
  • Take a closer look at your competition: Before launching your various digital campaigns to market your products and services, you may want to take a closer look at the game. You may want to find out if the competition is doing well and if so, why? Paying special attention to website designs, functionalities of the website, and opt for a similar design for your website. You should to go in for a good CMS platform like Word Press since it is an open source and free to use. Moreover, it also happens to come with some stellar plugins and a variety of widgets which you can use to enhance user experience on your website.
  • Plan your site: The first thing to a good SEO is to plan your website effectively. You need to use the keywords that consumers would generally utilize to search online for similar products/ services. Furthermore, you need to enhance the user experience of your visitors, and you may want to incorporate several user-centric features on your website. Well, this is all the more reason that you would want to opt for themes that allow for third-party plugins and widgets since you can utilize the same to increase the functionality of your website.

For example, with the right theme in place, you can download and install social media plugins which will enable your prospective leads to access their various social media accounts to blog about your separate products/ services. It would empower you to leverage multiple social media platforms and in the process, give your digital marketing campaigns a boost and result in better traffic and more visibility.

  • Keywords: The first thing that you need to do is to split up the keywords into priority, mid-level, and low-end target keywords. These can be both short tail and long tail keywords, wherein blogs use these long tail keywords. You need to ensure that the content on your main page targets the specific keyword accurately, and you may also want to use one priority keyword/ page, accordingly.
  • Optimize your page: One of the reasons that you would need to optimize your website and the various pages including second tier and third tier pages is so that the search engines can index your site with ease. But website optimization is not all about making your website easy to index; it is also about your consumers. They must be able to navigate your web pages with ease, and moreover, your website must be mobile friendly and responsive to boot.

Essentially, that means that your prospective leads must be able to view your website from any device, either a smartphone or a tablet and still be able to access the complete functionality of your website. And it makes sense to include high-resolution images, media files for the various posts as that help to make your website stand out; make sure that you optimize the photos and videos accordingly.

  • Publish content and updates regularly: This is good SEO practice; you need to be able to post content daily. There is no fixed formula; you are not publishing a blog here but merely updating your website. Just make sure that you post every day and keep your audience engaged.
  • Do not purchase links: While this may have seemed like a legitimate venture, but ever since most of the major search engines have cracked down on the same, it is no longer a good idea. Instead, you may want to opt for posting useful quality posts on your website, which would get other websites to link to the same and to cross-post your content. Similarly, you can also develop a series of guest posts targeting high authority websites and get the same published on these websites with a do-follow link leading back to your own.
  • Use social media platforms: Given that most social media platforms boast of a user base in billions (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), this is all the more reason that you would want to leverage your content on these platforms. You may want to post regular updates including on your various products/ services as well as on special offers on these accounts. This strategy should garner you better traffic and a higher conversion rate.

These are tips you need to review when designing your website from scratch. These tips/ recommendations should enable you to streamline your various digital marketing campaigns as well as make them much more effective in the process.


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